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Hi hi! Welcome to my lens on YOUR story.


I am a couples, wedding, portrait, and adventure photographer.


In every photo that I take, my goal is to capture life’s joy and spontaneity in the most authentic way. Whatever your story may be, I would be honored to hear it, be a part of it, and capture it to remember it for a lifetime!


Some fun things to know about me!

While I absolutely adore the landscape and adventure-culture of Colorado, I was born and raised in Minnesota, so I am used to the cold and snow. I am passionate about people, stories, and JOY. Taking pictures just happens to be my unique way to combine all of those passions.

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In every shoot, my goal is to capture YOUR moment. This means making sure you are comfortable and confident, while my camera and I fade into the background. I truly value capturing real, authentic moments. Therefore, we won’t be doing too much “posing.” Rather, I will give you a few prompts to focus on the MOMENT, have FUN, and just BE while I capture the candids!

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